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Dale Halleron History

Dale’s father, Mickey Halleron, had gone to radio school during the 1940s and learned how to service tube type radios and later televisions. At a young age during the late 1960s and early 1970s, Dale watched his father tinker with a broken television or two and thought this electronics field seemed interesting. Dale didn’t really know anything about electronics and couldn’t quite fix the few broken radios and such he had in his bedroom. Dale's father also repaired automobile engines during WWII and after the war. Dale did not follow his father in learning the repair of engines and such.

Fast forward. Dale at TT Knight Middle School around 1978 in 8th grade with a teacher expecting the class to write a paper on a career they would like to try. The librarian was busy picking out books as each student told her what career they were interested in. Dale told her his interest was in electronics. As the books were passed out, the librarian asked where her electrician was. Dale, not really knowing the difference, raised his hand and received the book that would put him on the path to become an electrician instead of an electronics technician.

In high school and later in the US Army Dale did get some electronics training, but it turned out he was going to be an electrician even if only part time.

By 1980 Dale was enrolled at Fairdale Vocational School ready to learn all about residential electrical wiring. Dale studied about one year in class at Fairdale and the next year he was given the opportunity to work on the job with a local electrical contractor and get credit for school. He worked for Windhorst Electric Inc. off and on until 1991.

While working for Windhorst, Dale met and worked under an electrician who left to start his own company, Bond Electric. Dale was asked to work for Bond Electric Inc. in 1990. The Bond Electric job turned into a part time venture that worked well for Dale and the owner of Bond Electric for the next 28 plus years.

Around 1991 Dale took a job as a trainee that was a little outside electrical work but somewhat related to it and also related to electronics. He was hired as a fire alarm service technician for Fire Alarm and Security Systems Company or FASSCO. Fire alarm became his primary job while still working part time as an electrician. He performed fire alarm system inspections as well as service and installation of fire alarm systems. While working for FASSCO, Dale worked mostly regional in the Kentucky and Indiana markets. Some of the projects he worked on were

Dale eventually left FASSCO in 1996 to join Electronic Systems USA, also known as ESUSA, to perform design, programming and startup of fire alarm installations at various sites all over the USA. Johnson Controls Inc. purchased the smaller ESUSA in 2000. Working for those companies required a lot of travel and overtime on certain jobs. Dale worked for JCI until 2005 when he decided to stop traveling the country for work and settle down to a certain extent.

In 2005 Dale went to work full time at ADI, a division of Honeywell, as a Sales Representative performing price quotes for fire alarm and security systems for customers nationwide. This job required no travel and little to no overtime.

In 2010 Dale had a need to have his own electrical license and insurance to be able to perform electric work part time on his own. He took the contractor’s test, passed and started his own small electrical contracting business while still doing all the other work expected of him. This was the beginning of Dale Halleron Electric.

The owner of Bond Electric is planning to retire around 2020. That will probably be the time Dale begins to slow down on working more than 5 days a week.

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